Celebrating the King and Queen’s charity work

Celebrating the King and Queen’s charity work

Published 02 May 2023

As the Prince of Wales, King Charles was the patron of more than 420 charities. For that reason, The Prince's Trust and The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund were created to manage his commitment to these charities. Both organisations continue to raise vast sums of money, raising approximately £140m yearly for good causes.

Today, The Prince's Trust supports over 60,000 young people a year, many of whom struggle at school and are at risk of exclusion or unemployment. With the passing of the Queen last year, the King is now expected to inherit more than 600 charity patronages previously held by Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Consort Camilla's work with charitable causes over the decades is also impressive. This includes two areas she cares passionately about - children's literacy and domestic abuse.

Speaking at Buckingham Palace last year, the Queen Consort warned of a "global pandemic of violence against women." During her speech, she called for an end to these "heinous crimes." She also spoke about the importance of remembering women who had been murdered and her efforts to support women living in "permanent fear".

Our charitable work at Housing for Women continues to support women and children living in Greenwich and Ealing who are experiencing domestic abuse. If you need our help, please call our confidential Domestic Abuse Referral and Advice Lines on 020 8317 8273 (for Greenwich) or 020 4513 9678 if you live in Ealing.

To mark the Coronation and help charities nationwide, you can volunteer in your local community this summer and beyond via The Big Help Out campaign. For more details, please visit www.thebighelpout.org.uk