Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week

Published 05 February 2024

Today marks the start of Children's Mental Health Week (February 5-11).

This national campaign aims to empower and give a voice to every child living in the UK.

During this week, Housing for Women reflects on our unwavering support for children who have been impacted by domestic violence.

We recognise the physical, emotional, and psychological toll vulnerable children bear. As a consequence, many struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or express distress through withdrawal or challenging behaviour.

Our staff works every day with children on the front line at our refuges in Ealing and Greenwich, helping them to overcome trauma, access education, and gain the confidence to participate in positive life activities and experiences.

This approach includes intensive support sessions that bravely address the terror, trauma, and pain experienced by children. We do this by carving out safe havens ('home spaces'), engaging in joint mother and child group work ('playtime'), and external activities to 'restart' early childhood experiences.

The transformative success in changing these young lives is credited to our dedicated Support Workers, who work on-site and in our local community. Their work includes therapeutic group sessions to create a safe space for expression through arts, crafts, music, drama, and healthy eating.

Our work helps to boost children's confidence and self-worth, supporting positive family structures and diminishing negative behaviours to ensure every child feels seen, heard, and valued - not only during Children's Mental Health Week but every day.

We are asking you to give what you can to Housing for Women. Your donation will help a child get the help and support they need.

To support our work, please go to our Just Giving page. Thank you.