How to keep warm over the winter.

How to keep warm over the winter.

Published 16 December 2022

To heat your home safely we advise you use the central heating system provided to your home. Alternative methods of heating cause risk of fires and carbon monoxide consumption.

Please avoid naked flames aka using your cooker as a source of heat by leaving hobs and ovens on.

If you are struggling with your heating and energy bills, you could speak to your energy supplier and ask if it’s possible to have a payment plan set up to suit your need. If you have a meter, some suppliers offer prepaid credit which will allow you to spread out the repayment.

Check your radiators to ensure they are working efficiently. You can do this by feeling if the whole radiator is hot. If the top of the radiator is cold, then the radiator will need bleeding. Tips and advice on how to do this can be found on google and you tube.

Keep your curtains drawn and doors closed to minimise drafts. If there are small gaps around your doors or windows, then draught excluders can be fitted.

If you have a loft, check to see if it is insulated and if it is insulated correctly. Advice on loft insulation standards can be found at

To prevent your pipes from freezing we advise you lag any cold-water supply pipes that are situated in cold areas such as garages. You can purchase lagging from most DIY stores and place it around the pipes to keep them warm.